Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Playground Drama

Anyone who has a child with autism knows that the playground can be like whatever a place of unagreeable people producing a series of untimely events would be like.

Today on the playground I was informed by a 10-12 year old girl that "your kid is weird."

OK so he was chewing on a low hanging branch. Any parent of a child with autism knows that you just have to pick your battles or you battle all day. So instead of telling him not to, and trying to force him not to, and having him do it anyway, I had fun with it. This particular girl and her friend saw a four year old boy chewing on a branch with his mom nearby asking him if it tasted good.

I saw them laughing and smiled. It was funny, I couldn't blame them. Then came her comment. She had no way of knowing at her age how offensive that was to me, so she got a polite little smile and we were off having our next playground drama adventure.

Maybe I'll save that one for another time, or more likely I'll have a new one by then. It all ended like it sometimes does, me carrying a struggling, screaming boy into the apartment to have a sit on the rocking chair with mom, (AKA "Dads," AKA "Daddys") and blanket.

My relax routine lately after a day like this is a work out routine after he is in bed and a hot bath with my lovely lavender-oatmeal soap bar that I bought from Just the thought of bathing with this soap gives me the warm fuzzies. No wonder, I just learned today that lavender is known for its' relaxing aroma therapies. I'm ready to try other applications for this essential oil! I simply love it.

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