Sunday, November 27, 2011

Little Monkey

Eli and I have had a little bit of a hard day today. He has been acting out, in fact he even hit his sunday school teacher. Sigh. I have been feeling down, and just not quite myself. The culprit? I really think it was a tiny milk derivative that was in the instant potatoes that we ate at a family gathering over the holday weekend.

I noticed the problem of the milk content moments before we all sat down to eat and I didn't know what to do. I didn't know how to tell my son that not only could he not have half of the dinner items, but he also could not have the mashed potatoes. So, while it may not have been the rational thing to do, I thought, "I'm sure it is a very minor content, and it may not even bother him." Well we live and learn I guess.

These experiences are good to have once in a while, because they remind me of why I work so hard to keep them from happening. While this is totally not what I got on the blog to write about, I have a feeling that there are readers out there that had similar Thanksgiving experiences, but hopefully not! Our actual holiday was great, it's just this unfortunate after effect. 

My husband and I heard a song when we were out and about recently. Before I had even pinpointed what it was, by husband was saying, "This song will always remind me of Eli's 'awakening.'" I thought he had a nice way of putting that.

When our son was 3, we started doing biochemical intervention. Change did not happen all at once, of course, but we could see that here alittle and there alittle, he was more aware. He was very much into Curious George at the time. He had just gotten the first Curious George movie, which I popped in during his sleepless intervals in the way early mornings.

He loved the Curious George episodes on TV and had some on video. He still had very little speech, but he was in fact starting to communicate with us in "George" language. That was something he could understand. He would even swing his arms when he walked, like George does. He would mimic George's sounds, most especially his little sad, disappointed little moan with the little shake of the head. He was our little monkey. This song is from the first Curious George movie and has clips from the movie. Click here to see the official Jack Johnson YouTube video, "Upside Down."

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Supplements are an important part of my son's biochemical therapy. His doctor oversees them, and his regimen is unique to him. I confess I cannot tell you off the top of my head why he takes each one. Then his doctor starts talking about the methylation cycle, he starts getting a glassy-eyed, vacant look from me. I can tell you that some of these supplements are to help his gut. I can tell you that they were added one at a time, and I saw improvements with each one. Some of these he takes because his gut does not absorb enough of certain things. Some he takes for this methylation cycle thing. Some are just to support general good nutrition, (things that would help us all function better.)

The blue pill box is for mornings. The purple one is for nights. In addition, he gets Juice Plus+ twice a day, a probiotic twice a day, and zinc at night. Oh yeah, and B12 by injection every 3 days. This regimen is a job in itself for me to maintain.

I once had the experience of Eli being seen by the school psychologist. She asked what he was taking, and so I told her every single little thing, right down to the B12. She tried to hide it, but her look said, "This mom is crazy! I need to save them from their craziness." Yeah, I supplement my son's brain and body with the things that he actually needs instead of pumping him with mind-altering meds with their side effects. I must be nuts. Here is my previous post about this visit.