Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Word About Heavy Metals

Here's some things I understand, (or think I do,) about heavy metals. Please consult scholarly sources for more info. (Such as my standard Changing the Course of Autism by Dr. Bryan Jepson.) These are just the types of things I've been finding myself telling my mother about lately as she eases my brother back into biochemical intervention.

Heavy metals get in our kid's systems and they cannot secrete them as easily as other children. There are some everyday things we can do to fight this battle, and more extreme measures we can take. Here are some of the simple everyday ones.

One surprising source of heavy metals is often fish. Yeah. It's because of all the pollution in our oceans. I've heard that canned tuna fish and that top of the food chain predator fish are the worst. My brother actually has a "bad behavior" reaction after eating canned tuna fish. The nutrition of the fish is so important though, so what do you do? Well, I supplement my son's diet with fish oils, according to the advise of his DAN! doctor. They have to be guaranteed contaminate free to be safe for persons with autism. This usually makes them cost 2 to three times more. Don't even be tempted to get the cheap stuff. My brother has the same above said reaction to cheap fish oil supplements.


Another thing we can do everyday that is actually really simple is to filter our kid's water. Surprisingly, regular tap water can quite easily carry heavy metals.
Heavy metals cause our kids to not feel as well as they can. And that is my little sugar coated heavy metal post.


Glitzer said...

Interesting... I love fish... we tend to buy sea fish instead of fresh water fish from the rivers.. in risk of heavy metals contaminating them.. if sea fish is not available sometimes we will have salmon or cod as they have a good natural source of fish oils... tend to stay away from canned fish if I can...

GreenSpaceGoods said...

Be careful of carrots that are not organic. They are often used as a "cleaning crop" because they easily absorb heavy metals from contaminated soil.

Celeste Jean said...

green space goods... that is just disturbing! I'll probably never buy conventional carrots again now. Eek!