Friday, April 17, 2009

Recycling and Raising Awareness

Here's my autism awareness head scarf that I made and love. I have some similar ones coming to my etsy shop soon. I use the puzzle piece because it is the most easily generally recognized image for the cause.


Also, since the last post I did regarding the environment, I thought of another idea I wanted to post, and that is reusable shopping bags. I have a collection of these reusable shopping bags from various stores that I always try to use when I shop. My newest and most favorite one is a messenger style bag that I made from two old pairs of pants. Let me tell you, it is a sight, but so comfortable to wear. You can't see it in the picture, but I used the waistband of the tan colored pants for the strap.

Generally we use cloth towels in our home, but once in awhile a paper towel comes in handy for oiling the cast iron. So today the "new" shopping bag carried home Natural Direction 100% recycled paper towels. The two rolls will last us a month or two, and because paper towels are not recyclable, it's at least better that they are made from reused materials.


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Jen said...

I love that headband! Good for you and thanks for all your autism help!