Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jason's Deli and Winger's

My child with autism and I both have some food sensitivities. We discovered how food can cause autoimmune reactions through our son's biochemical intervention. About a year of our son going gluten and dairy free, I found it necessary to do the same for myself. We have also discovered a need to largely avoid soy and corn as well.

Hubby and I had the rare opportunity of going out on two dates last week. Often we don't have a lot of time when we have a chance to go out alone, so we usually choose to grab a bite to eat. We have grown to really love eating out. Now that we can no longer order pizza on Friday nights or Chinese take out on the weekends, it is almost a necessity to get out and get a meal together once in awhile. I thought I would share about the meals I had while eating out last week.

Last Tuesday my teacher husband had the day off of school, kind of. He still went in to do a small amount of work, leaving time for us to do something while our son was still in school. We decided to go to Jason's Deli. (It is located outside the University Mall in the parking lot, for you locals.) They carry gluten-free bread! Although not completely corn free, corn is not the main ingredient, and I seemed to handle it fine. I ordered a turkey breast build-your-own sandwich with mustard, lettuce, tomato, and avocado. Instead of the chips, I subbed in some fresh fruit. What a great lunch. Hubby ordered one of the specials that looked really yummy. My meal was awesome, but I think next time I go I will try to order a special, too, but with my own brand of 'specialness.' Specialness= subbing bread for gluten free, no cheese, subbing or leaving off sides, etc. It is so nice to have a place close where I can get a sandwich and I don't have to say "no bun please." I happen to like the bun!

On Saturday night we had another opportunity to do something, so we went out to Winger's in Orem. We had a little coupon, and I heard that they had gluten free options, so we decided to give it a try. The tricky part ended up being dairy and corn, plus the "gluten free menu" was simply a list of everything, no descriptions, and it labeled everything "GF" or "Not GF." I took my time ordering so I could sort everything out between the two menus and ask questions so I could get it right. I had a delicious meal there, and this is what I had: Blackened Chicken Tacos, no tortillas, no cheese, no dressing, subbing seasoning-less steak fries for tortilla chips and salsa. I suppose that the rice option would have made more sense as a side, but I had to have the fries for some reason. My tacos ended up being lettuce, black beans, pico de gallo, and seasoned chicken strips on top. The chicken was seasoned so nicely, it really made the meal. The steak fries were good... I had ketchup with it that was loaded with high fructose corn syrup... (a 'no, no' that tastes really weird to me, but I went sparingly on it. I wonder if it is possible to get packets of 'real sugar' ketchup. I would shamelessly keep some of those in my car for such occasions.)

So that is my rambling story of eating out last week. Two good experiences at two different places, all in one week. Who would have thought it possible? :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Current Obsession: CSA

My current obsession is Community Supported Agriculture, which is a farming business model. Members of the community, individuals and restaurants put money up front in order to be supplied with luscious, sustainable, (and organic, although not always certified,) local fruits and vegetables. More specifically, I am in love with the CSA farm that is local to my area. I just discovered it on the internet. It is called Jacob's Cove.

Let's face it, conventional growing methods are not sustainable. (Irresponsible, at best, although I feel that it is criminal the way that soil is depleted of nutrients, making our food ever less healthy.) The use of tons of chemicals is involved. This all makes us sick. Doctors out there that actually recognize the medical needs of children with autism admonish parents to feed them organic food. There is a reason for that.

I look forward to one day buying shares of this real food from Jacob's Cove.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Positively a Resolution

The thought of having at least one New Years resolution for 2011 did cross my mind at one time, and was promptly dismissed. Later I realized the reason: I have too many current goals/projects/learning to do at present to add to what I am trying to accomplish, so my New Years resolution was to keep previously-made goals. Here are just four of them.

1. Continue quest in healing autism
2. Prevent autism
3. Prepare for baby
4. Continue preparing allergen-free meals for my son and I that help out with our autoimmune hiccups.

This list has built into it a whole lot of learning to do, a whole lot of cooking, and a whole lot of love.

My mind has been weighing heavily on the aspect of preventing autism, and I have gone through a brief period of deep discouragement recently when I realized some of the big things stacked against me. Metal fillings, flame retardant chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, pollution, and any heavy metal deposits left in my own body, (after the few months of chelation I was able to do for myself,) are just the beginning of a list that felt like a big weight.

This is when a resolution idea come about that I felt I could and needed to make. That is to be POSITIVE! Our world is full of contaminants, it is true. Our children with autism are proof. What I have chosen to focus on with prevention is to do those things for my baby that are in my power and that I feel will make a difference. I can now feel much greater peace on this important topic that felt like a daunting weight before. I know that the neurotoxins are still there, hiding. This is the challenge of our time, and this is the world we have inherited. I can choose to do what is in my power to make a difference for my loved ones, to improve their lives, and I feel positive that this will make a difference for the future. :)

Sending POSITIVE thoughts your way! :)