Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another Chem Free Idea


Here's my son's used, beat up tube of toothpaste. He has actually been using this type of toothpaste for quite some time. I guess this one was a no brainer for me since it goes in his mouth and he swallows it. It is completely natural, and I opt to give him the fluoride free version. Why? I guess I am skeptical of this fluoride stuff when it comes to my sensitive little boy. I mean, if the label of fluoride toothpastes say that poisoning can occur if more than a pea sized amount is swallowed, it can't possibly be safe for his delicate system. That's what my fears have been, anyway.


Cindy and Mindy said...

Hey, I've never heard of that toothpaste. Would've loved to have had it when our son was younger.

katy said...

i LOVE tom's of maine! i've tried a few varieties of it and they were all yum. : ]

Melina and Denise said...

I love Tom's toothpaste but didn't know there was a kid's version. I'll have to tell my friends with children!

Celeste Jean said...

It has a really mild flavor that kids love. (Without the yucky stuff that other toothpastes are flavored with.)

theothermousie said...

Hi I've just stumbled across your blog, my youngest child has autism, I've written about him on my blog.

Hope you don't mind if I drop by again.

Sarah x

Celeste Jean said...

you are of course more than welcome. i am following your blog now.

John Toft Basketry said...

Just back from Rhode Island and a trip with my adult son, Adrian. (Check my blog to see comments about an enhanced phobia.)

I enjoy reading your blog and your insights. These might be helpful to other parents of young autistic people. There is a support group site in Ottawa re autism that is visited mostly by people with young autistic children.

May I post your blog reference on that site?