Monday, October 29, 2012

Cunsumer Report on Arsenic

Some very discouraging news has reached me through a fellow mother with a mission. There is now a consumer report that tells us that there is a level of arsenic in rice products that cannot be ignored.

This report goes so far as to warn that rice milk is not suitable for babies or toddlers. When I took my son off of cow milk, guess what I gave him? You guessed it. When he had a Toxic Element Profile done years ago, we were shocked to see that he did have a touch of arsenic in his system. Now we know where it came from. 

My family currently lives on rice. I have been feeding my family quite large amounts of brown rice in the form of stir fries and pasta for years, because it is the most affordable whole grain we could eat that is not contaminated with gluten. I am at a loss. There are other whole grains that are gluten, corn, and soy free. They are more expensive. They would require me to re-learn how to cook... again.

My current plan for this moment is to "Keep Calm and Carry On,"  and not "Freak Out and Scream." I find it more productive.

For starts, we are currently doing all we can to support our son's methylation cycle, which is our natural system for cleansing the body from toxins. He gets magnesium, folic acid, and B6 everyday, in addition to a slew of other good things. We will at some point do another Toxic Element Profile. It is unfortunately an expense not covered by insurance, but if we find heavy metals, his doctor can oversee a round of chelation therapy to help extract them from his body. We can test his brother, too. (On a side note, his brother has thankfully been drinking almond milk.) I will also at some point ease us into eating more of the expensive, corn free, soy free, and gluten free grains, and less rice. Some lemon doTERRA essential oil in our daily regimen will probably be cleansing as well.

The report mentions that there are producers that plan on doing testing and such, but really, the problem is not really the rice.Ultimately, this issue is a problem that engulfs us all, rice eater or no. When the water we drink and that our food is grown in is poisoning us, it is a global environmental issue. It is about our world and how we care for it. The more toxic our world becomes, the closer the level will come to our toxin tip, and the more health issues we will face. Autism has increased to 1 in 88. Imagine their toxin tip levels, which are lower than the general populous, and imagine what issues we will face if this all continues. 

I'll keep telling myself that 'Freak Out and Scream' is not productive....


Sherry said...

I read that too, being celiac, we eat a ton of rice too. Hmm, we also eat quinoa have you tried that?

Sherry said...

We eat a ton of rice too. Scary. Have you tried quinoa, we even use it as an oatmeal substitute. Add some almond milk and sweeten it up, you will like it.

Sherry said...

We eat a ton of rice too. Scary. Have you tried quinoa, we even use it as an oatmeal substitute. Add some almond milk and sweeten it up, you will like it.

Anonymous said...

I heard about this on the news! And as strange as it sounded, the brown rice tested was actually far worse than white. I've avoided it in our home because it's a very starchy food that's hard for the body to tolerate.

How frustrating it must be to already have so many limitations and to learn of yet another one.