Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Autism Therapist and Vitamin B-12

I have been working on my resume lately. Here is what filled in part of it along with my education and jobs:

Autism Advocate, Independent, August 2008- Present

    Implementation of the DAN! (Defeat Autism Now) biochemical intervention program

    Creating behavior plans and charts that are visually engaging and meaningful to student

    Administering supplement regimen, including oral and injected, and keeping supplies current

    Developing appropriate meal plans and recipes free of gluten, casein, corn, sugar, dyes, preservatives

    Engage autistic children in ABA therapy (2009-2010) and art projects (2010-2011) in a classroom setting

    Blogging on autism topics, resulting in raising awareness of biochemical intervention (2007-Present)
      I did have "Autism Therapist" as the Job description, but the consensus among friends was that since the workshops and independent study I have done are not 'formal' training and certification, that 'advocate' was a better explanation. Well, I don't disagree, and whatever I am, I am happy to be it. It all started when Eli was three and 1/2. That is when we discovered the DAN! program. Even though we knew it would be hard, especially given our occupation choice, we knew that it was what our son needed.

     As to "administering supplements," that has been an adventure in itself over the last few years. The most recent being a change up in the way that we give B12. We decided that because so often the injections would be a failure, (he would roll over and such in his sleep,) that we would have to give them to him while he is awake. It was rocky at first, but along with a meaningful reward chart, and the numbing cream in tow, he adjusted to it rather quickly. Now B12 is much more regular, and that means more good days! It has been quite an adjustment, but very worth it.


Anonymous said...

I've always wondered about the sleep thing, so I'm glad you figured a way that's sustainable.

Can I ask what you're making the resume for?

Celeste Jean said...

I applied for a job with my resume/online portfolio.