Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We were all Wizard of Oz characters this year for Halloween. Of course, our Orson stole the show with his Lion costume. Eli had a great time as Tin Man. Jason went as the Scarecrow, and that left me with the only female character. There were some great benefits to using recycled materials to make the kid's costumes. They did not cost me anything and they were simple and fun. I made them from things I had around the house. Eli's used 2 vinegar jugs, a cardboard box, and old shirt, and some black paint and duct tape. Orson's was made from scraps from another project, and two old shirts. Jason and I found our key elements at the local thrift store. I think I will probably be wearing the red keds again. They are cute.


Miss Lissa said...

Orson is adorable as the lion, but the most beautiful element of all in that picture is Eli's huge, happy, "hamming it up for the camera" smile. Amazing. Happy Halloween to you and your family, Celeste!

Celeste Jean said...

You are right, he is so hamming it up!