Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Leftover Surprise

On a diet like ours, where there is lots of cooking from scratch, there is also alot of reinvented leftovers. It is almost mandatory to know how to remake leftovers to serve again the next day. Sometimes my "leftover surprise" is just ok, but this one was a raving success.

Last night I was not well, so I made something super simple. It was brown spaghetti with some marinara stirred in, and a side of peas. That was it, but it was easly and settled nicely.

Every morning Eli insists on pancakes with sunflower seed butter. He is pretty ridged in his routine when it comes to this. I am usually ok with this because it is a cheap way to eat gluten free, dairy free breakfast. This morning though, I was ready to shake up the routine alittle bit. I made the leftover pasta into frittatas. I saw it in an italian cookbook once. Eli loved it. My husband, who does not eat a special diet, (but who is always a good sport about eating it at home,) really enjoyed it as well.

I beat a medium egg in a bowl, added sliced green onion and added about a cup of the marinara gluten free pasta for each frittata. This I stirred together and fried up just like a pancake with some salt and pepper. Here are some fritattas I found on the web. These recipes are likely NOT special diet friendly, (although the last one may be!) It was fun finding them and being inspired.







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