Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's New With Us

We are doing alittle shameless self promotion here. My newest item in my etsy shop is the beginning of what will hopefully be the first of many. It is a collaborative painting between my son and I. My four year son Eli has autism, and as a result has limited speech. He draws on at least one paper everyday, and that really is an important form of expression for him. I am trained in art at a university, and I find many of his shapes and compositions just astounding.


The first time I really realized this talent of his was the time he filled a whole lined spiral notebook full of "pod" shapes. Now that notebook is my treasure and I have used it to start our collection with a little "Notebook Pod" series. This painting is "Notebook Pods #1."


My part of the process is to transfer a photocopy of his work onto a professional surface. From there I add texture and color glazes. I'm afraid that the glazes make photographing the painting very difficult. (I am willing to take suggestions.) The true colors of the piece are more fresh and bright.

I hope you enjoy viewing our work! Click on the image of "Notebook Pods #1" in the column on the left of my blog to view more pictures.


Janelle said...

That's great that you're combining your artwork. How fun!

As for photographing, try setting up in a room with a lot of natural sunlight. If the artwork is covered with a piece of glass, you may want to take the glass out to avoid reflection. You want a lot of good, natural sunlight so that you can turn the flash off. That should help cut down the glare.

Celeste Jean said...

The natural light thing helped. Thanks.