Monday, March 23, 2009


Before the month ends, I had to mention that my baby boy turned 4 on March 9th! Where has the time gone? This is him wearing the crown that the preschool gave him when he went to school on his birthday. They really try to make it a big deal. He got to pass out little gifts to his classmates, he got to blow out a candle, and he came home with a matchbox car in his backpack.


He was so happy with his presents. His Aunt and Uncle brought him a Tobey, which he calls "coo-key." Mom and Dad got him a Duck and a large wooden track set to match the small one he has already. Now he can easily extend his track across his bedroom, and he does. He prompted me to take this picture of his trains on the track set after I took the one of him in his school crown.



Athena said...

Great crown! Happy belated Birthday to your son! :)

I'm Julia said...

Happy Belated Birthday to the little one!