Saturday, March 12, 2011

Birthday Boy

My sweet little boy turned six this week! He was proud to put his own decoration and candle on his little cake.

He lost one of his front teeth the day before his birthday, which was also picture day at school as well. It was perfect! We have truly spoiled him this week with a dinner out, party with cake, and a trip to the nickle arcade, on top of all his gifts. :)

Although I always make him a gluten free cake, this one I took extra care to not only eliminate allergens, but to make it with real icing and piped borders. I still have kinks to work out. The icing was a delicious flavorful lemon. It was a different consistency than I was used to working with, so I felt that the icing job suffered. The cake tasted good, and was a mild lemon flavor. However, it was dense and had a different texture. This was my first gluten free cake that I actually tried to decorate though, so I am proud of my cake, but much more proud of my big birthday boy!


John Toft Basketry said...

My mother was a specialist in icing cakes. However, for my sister's wedding cake, she forgot to add glycerine, a softener. The icing was so hard, it almost took a hammer and chisel to break it. Its one wedding I will never forget even though it was decades ago.

Celeste Jean said...

Oh no John, that is terrible! I wouldn't forget that either. :)

celiacgirlie said...

I think your cake looks awesome. for some reason finding a good cake recipe is hard? For icing I use wilton's recipe with some coconut oil instead. Coconut oil is so different to work with but it produces a great icing among other things!

jnj said...

I'm so glad he had a fun birthday. Man! He's growing up fast. It seems like just two years ago we drove down to Utah for his blessing, not six years!