Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sustainable Work In Progress

First, here is a close-up of my new toy:

A vintage thread spool holder that I scored at a thrift store. It is my new favorite, after my sewing machine and scissors. :)

And here is what I have been working on:

Making afew of my own all-in-one cloth diapers for when little one comes!

This one is almost done. It just needs a visit to my wonderful friend's house who has kindly offered to help me surge outside edges.

The best part is, the inside absorbent fabric, (under the flannel,) is from my 6 year-old's old pre-folds that he used for awhile. We used the old Gerber style cloth diapers and pins with him for a time because it was the best we could buy back then. I am so excited to have the time and know-how this time to make and buy some things that will make cloth diapering more comfortable for all of us this time around.

I will have more to show as progress moves along and as I get more creative with recycled fabrics. (Terrycloth inserts, anyone?) :)


Cinderella said...

CJ, I would like to say that you are my hero. Food, I can handle. Sewing cloth diapers? No way! :) Good on ya, though. That's awesome.

Also, you're just one of my heroes in general.

John and Anna said...

Nice work, Celeste! I tried sewing cloth diapers for my second son after he was born...emphasis on AFTER...it didn't happen. So I ended up buying some good prefolds online and sewing covers from fleece and recycled wool sweaters (and buying some covers too). And they have worked wonderfully. Cloth diapering is quite an endeavor, but so worth it. Good luck with all your baby preparations! So happy for you.

celiacgirlie said...

I didn't know you were pregnant! How far along? Congrats I am so happy for you!