Thursday, March 22, 2012

Autism Awareness Month and GFC

I am so excited for April to come this year. Ever since we have found special diet and medical helps for our son, we have enjoyed sharing with others in hopes that they will take the information and encouragement, run with it, and gain some recovery for their own children. April is my big chance to have my biggest sharing audience to date... I have written a short version of our story for The Gluten Free Consumer. Some of our readers have children with autism, and all of them know someone who has autism, so I am so excited for this opportunity. Those who order during this month not only get a great publication for a year, but they also get to have a portion of the sale donated to the Autism Research Institute's Million Dollar Puzzle Piece Challenge. For those who order during April, their April issue will come with a paper puzzle piece from ARI as a token for their donation.

Here is a sneak preview. Awww.... Doesn't my little one look sweet? This is my son at age 3, with alittle marker on his nose, so cute!
I also included one of my son's favorite recipes at the end of the article. I am looking forward to hearing feedback on it from our readers.

Happy Spring! I pulled out the flip-flops today. That makes me so happy!

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