Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

     My New Year's resolution is basically the same every year. It is always to be happy with who I am, but to not be content or settle, because I can improve myself in ways that help me function as a person and in ways that help my family. Included on the list are "mini resolutions,' such as more study, meditation, and prayer. Others are connected to health; being more active, and eating more whole foods. One thing my journey with my sweet little Eli has taught me is that the body dictates how the mind feels and functions. Taking care of Eli requires constant strategy for behavior plans, memory for all the daily supplements, and mental endurance for all the "why" questions! (He seems to currently be going through the question asking stage he largely missed when he was 4.)

Good and Easy Eats E-book
     As far as the health resolutions go, I have already loaded up on some valuable tools. One is Zumba for the Wii. The other is an ebook that I came across by Kim Wilson called, "Good and Easy Eats." This book is unique in so many wonderful ways. All the recipes included are gluten free and vegan, meaning that there are no pesky dairy products that need substituting. All the recipes included focus on whole foods. Not only that, but Kim teaches you WHY whole foods are better. There are so many tools included, such as menu planning and links to online rescources. The recipes included are versitile enough that a family could eat exclusively out of this book with its simple recipes.

     Oh and I almost forgot to mention another reason I am loving this book: The recipes are simple! They even use minimal amounts of kitchen utilsels and dishes to prepare, which makes my life easier and my goals more attainable. I would recommend taking a look at this ebook. It is only about $5, which is not much of a risk compared to buying a hard copy and paying shipping, and then waiting for it in the mail. "Good and Easy Eats" is generally delivered to your email box within 24 hours.

I am so excited for what 2012 will bring. Good food, more peace, and more energy. WhooHoo!


celiacgirlie said...

I am doing Zumba for the Wii too! We are alot alike. I get to go to a free class on Mondays at the stake center too!

celiacgirlie said...

That does look like a cool book. I got zumba for the wii too! I get to take a free class that a gal does at the stake center. But I am so not coordinated. So I like that I can practice on my own!