Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Supplements are an important part of my son's biochemical therapy. His doctor oversees them, and his regimen is unique to him. I confess I cannot tell you off the top of my head why he takes each one. Then his doctor starts talking about the methylation cycle, he starts getting a glassy-eyed, vacant look from me. I can tell you that some of these supplements are to help his gut. I can tell you that they were added one at a time, and I saw improvements with each one. Some of these he takes because his gut does not absorb enough of certain things. Some he takes for this methylation cycle thing. Some are just to support general good nutrition, (things that would help us all function better.)

The blue pill box is for mornings. The purple one is for nights. In addition, he gets Juice Plus+ twice a day, a probiotic twice a day, and zinc at night. Oh yeah, and B12 by injection every 3 days. This regimen is a job in itself for me to maintain.

I once had the experience of Eli being seen by the school psychologist. She asked what he was taking, and so I told her every single little thing, right down to the B12. She tried to hide it, but her look said, "This mom is crazy! I need to save them from their craziness." Yeah, I supplement my son's brain and body with the things that he actually needs instead of pumping him with mind-altering meds with their side effects. I must be nuts. Here is my previous post about this visit.


Fulkerson Clan said...

wow! you are so dedicated, i'm seriously impressed! just wondering, do you have any advice on supplements for my 2 year old who eats no fruits or veggies or meat??

Celeste Jean said...

Yes, yes I do! :) Juice Plus+ would be great for him.

Celeste Jean said...

You can email me at for more info.