Thursday, June 16, 2011

We've Moved!

That is to say, just last week we moved, in a physical sense. (The CJ's Woodland Shed blog will still be here!) Our move came about because we have purchased our first little property. Here is a picture of me at the front door. Our baby boy is due very soon!

Our six year old wonder boy Eli has been handling the move very well. Although they do not give me cause for concern, I have noticed some changes in his play habits. He now plays with a certain teddy bear all the time. The bear goes places with us. It is the same bear that he took to the park with him on "Kindergarten Teddy Bear Picnic Day" not so long ago, so I wonder if that is why the attachment to this particular toy. Another new play routine is "pretend parties." These came about because he really wanted a party for himself one day, but it was not his birthday or any other occasion. So, his dad and I told him we would have a "pretend party" and we went to his room and wrapped up some of his small toys in newspaper. After he had a great time opening his "presents," we played some board games. He keeps asking for parties, and we have played the wrapping toys part of the routine once since then. I am sure we will be doing it again soon. Here is a picture of him with his favorite bear, one of his pretend presents, and a very goofy face.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new home!!!

John and Anna said...

You look very cute Celeste! And congrats on your new home!

I gave my friend Shelly your e-mail address. Her daughter has autism and I thought you might be able to give her some helpful information about the programs that have worked with your son. So she may be e-mailing you soon.

Chef Penny said...

That is some great pretend play. Congrats on the move!