Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Positively a Resolution

The thought of having at least one New Years resolution for 2011 did cross my mind at one time, and was promptly dismissed. Later I realized the reason: I have too many current goals/projects/learning to do at present to add to what I am trying to accomplish, so my New Years resolution was to keep previously-made goals. Here are just four of them.

1. Continue quest in healing autism
2. Prevent autism
3. Prepare for baby
4. Continue preparing allergen-free meals for my son and I that help out with our autoimmune hiccups.

This list has built into it a whole lot of learning to do, a whole lot of cooking, and a whole lot of love.

My mind has been weighing heavily on the aspect of preventing autism, and I have gone through a brief period of deep discouragement recently when I realized some of the big things stacked against me. Metal fillings, flame retardant chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, pollution, and any heavy metal deposits left in my own body, (after the few months of chelation I was able to do for myself,) are just the beginning of a list that felt like a big weight.

This is when a resolution idea come about that I felt I could and needed to make. That is to be POSITIVE! Our world is full of contaminants, it is true. Our children with autism are proof. What I have chosen to focus on with prevention is to do those things for my baby that are in my power and that I feel will make a difference. I can now feel much greater peace on this important topic that felt like a daunting weight before. I know that the neurotoxins are still there, hiding. This is the challenge of our time, and this is the world we have inherited. I can choose to do what is in my power to make a difference for my loved ones, to improve their lives, and I feel positive that this will make a difference for the future. :)

Sending POSITIVE thoughts your way! :)

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