Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Autism Treasury in Treasury West

I have just been made aware that there is a new treasury in treasury west that is centered on autism awareness. It was so thoughtful of Cape Cod Consignments to create this treasury!

If you are unfamiliar with let me explain. Treasury West is an alternate treasury to the one on the etsy site, although just as popular. Treasuries last afew days, and when they expire, users can claim a spot and create a new one. It is not an easy thing to claim a treasury spot, and once claimed the creator fills it with creations found on etsy. I personally find it to be a great honor when someone chooses one of my items to fill a spot in a treasury they create.

Many of the etsy sellers in this treasury are autism parents and/or supporters of the cause. Many belong to the street team Etsy For Autism. Use the search "Etsy For Autism" in the search bar to see other handmade items by these team members.

CHECK IT OUT! It lasts until Saturday:Autism Treasury


Dirt. said...

a wonderful treasury theme, and a variety of interesting items from contributing shops! congrats on being included in such a great collection!

John Toft Basketry said...

I appreciated the fact that a basket of mine was included in this treasury.